Festina advisor

SDC looked beyond traditional advisory solutions and found Festina Finance to be an ideal solution and collaborative partner

At the start of 2015, following careful consideration with its clients, SDC implemented a digital advisory solution based on Festina Finance’s Advisor.

The SDC Group supplies IT services to more than 120 banks in the Nordic region, consisting of approximately 3 million banking customers. Headquartered in Denmark, SDC provides modern IT applications and infrastructure to support its clients’ business development, increasing their competitive edge with all-round solutions that create added value across national boundaries.

“The banks we work with have competitive products and great employees. Our role is to give them the quality tools needed to remain the natural contact point for people looking for financial advice,” says Jesper Scharff, CEO of SDC.

SDC looked beyond traditional advisory solutions and found Festina Finance to be an ideal solution and collaborative partner. Niels Aagaard Lorenzen, head of business development at SDC, explains:
“Working closely with Festina Finance, we now have a solution that is very easy to use. It is what we call a pure ‘drag and drop’ banking solution.”

The financial overview that Festina Advisor provides is an important part of the change for SDC, a change that also offers a different perspective.
“Advice becomes more customer-centric and we include the entire household economy in the process – looking at the timeline, including boththe current situation and into the future,”
explains Niels Aagaard Lorenzen. “This also gives the customers an ‘outside in’ view of their financial situation.”

SDC and Festina Finance have worked closely to integrate Advisor into existing SDC systems. When a new loan is under consideration, for example, different variations can be easily explored in collaboration with the customer.

Credit risk is calculated in real time, and the system delivers both a concrete product offering and a holistic overview of future consequences. The financial advisor receives validated data and an updated projection of the household economy.

“We take both the advice process and the customer experience to a completely new level, while spending less time. The banks working with us typically have a potential to save 50 percent or more of their time before, during and after the customer meetings,” says Jesper Scharff.


Facts about The SDC Group
The SDC Group was established as SDC (Skandinavisk Data Center A/S) in 1963 in order to meet the electronic banking needs of Danish savings banks. Today, SDC is an IT-service partner to 124 financial institutions in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Faroe Islands. These institutions include Norwegian Eika Group, Laan & Spar Bank and Sparekassen Kronjylland.
SDC manages and develops IT systems for its clients, including the new solution for financial advice, Festina Advisor. SDC handles approximately 3 million banking customers and employs around 500 employees at its headquarters in Ballerup, Denmark.

Chief Executive Officer: Jesper Scharff.
Chairman of the Board: Klaus Skjødt, CEO of Sparekassen Kronjylland.